We have been battling for a long time to make it easier for our supporters to purchase our first CD. Up to now, it has only been available at the band’s performances, which has limited sales to a significant extent. Thanks to local e-commerce company loot.co.za, we now have national distribution. They have launched our CD at an introductory price of R159 on their website. If your total order from loot exceeds R250, there is free courier delivery anywhere in South Africa. What a bargain!

Loot stocks a wide variety of products, at very competitive prices. CD sales are a very important part of our funding efforts, with the potential to raise at least a couple of hundred thousand rand, based on our current stock. So, if you haven’t yet done so, now is the time to show your support for the band by ordering a CD or two. Your support will help to keep our project alive and thriving. Buy 2 CD’s and enjoy free courier service. It all helps to spread the word.


dbb baxter

Book the Band

Inevitably, winter sees our bookings take a bit of a nose dive, in line with the rest of the music industry. There are few international conferences in Cape Town and most people prefer to plan their wedding celebrations for the warmer months. This makes it really tough to keep the band members motivated, as many of them are dependent on band earnings for survival. Although it’s currently quiet, the planning of end of year events starts to take place around now, with event planners considering their options for entertainment. Please keep the Delft Big Band in mind for corporate events, personal celebrations, or whatever. The band can play any genre, at any sound level. We need more gigs to keep the band together, otherwise band members are tempted to leave because of offers from other bands and stage productions, which is understandable, given their financial needs. We are also able to supply smaller groups, down to a duo, if budgets are limited.

Our academy continues to operate every Saturday morning, at the Voorbrug High School in Delft, in the process providing remuneration for band members for their roles as teachers and mentors. We have frozen our current intake at about 100 students but are hoping to launch a second intake later in the year.



Marcelle Adams with his very proud mom and his trumpet, which recently broke mid-performance.

A heart warming act of support

At a recent performance at the closing event for the Hermanus Fynarts Festival in June, we had an unfortunate mishap during the performance. Marcelle Adams, one of our star trumpeters, had a technical malfunction with his trumpet during the performance, necessitating him having to share Ian Smith’s trumpet for the remainder of the show. Ian commented to the audience that this was typical of some of the challenges we face when it comes to having the funds to achieve our goals. A member of the audience approached Ian after the show, and offered to help financially. Not only to acquire a new trumpet for Marcelle, but also to contribute towards our pending trip to Gauteng. We were delighted to receive a donation of R25 000 from our benefactor, which has immediately been put to good use. Marcelle now has a new trumpet, and we have our first contribution towards our travel expenses. Support like this makes a very big difference to our motivation. It is an ongoing challenge to keep the project going, but acts of generosity like these put fresh energy into our efforts. Thank you so much for helping. It is sincerely appreciated.

It seems like Hermanus brings out the best in people. In addition to the financial support received from our generous benefactor, we received the offer of a barely used set of drums, with great cymbals, from a retired drummer. It has already been collected, and will make a big difference to the next generation of up and coming drummers. Our emphasis is always on helping young musicians help themselves. Teaching them to fish, rather than simply giving them fish. Thanks for assisting us in achieving our goals.


And lastly…

Thanks to a generous corporate sponsor, we have recently received notification of a donation of R235 000 earmarked for the acquisition of new musical instruments for our academy. Very much appreciated. This places us in a position to start to ready our academy for its second intake.

If you would like to help support the band and the academy financially, to help ensure the continued success of the project, here are our banking details. We would appreciate any support, no matter how small.