Music Academy & Feeder Band

Introducing The Delft Big Band Music Academy and Feeder Band

If you are interested in joining the Music Academy or the Feeder Band, and graduate to play in the amazing Delft Big Band, please text or call any of these band members below.

Contact these members for details:

Music Academy: Godwin Blignaut (083 692 2105)
Feeder Band: Sheraaz Allen (062 180 7004)

Or send us a message on Facebook.

Please note, try call and text if possible within business hours.

October 12th 2015 saw the official launch of the Delft Big Band Music Academy, in which talented young learners are given the opportunity to improve their musical skills, in the same way as the original members of the band have done.. Members of the Delft Big Band are mentoring and teaching pupils.

We hope to reach a target of 200 young musicians being given the opportunity to improve their musical skills at our academy. In turn, students of the academy will be eligible for auditions for our new feeder band, which will ensure a steady supply of musicians who can step into the current big band members’ shoes, as they progress into full time professional musician employment.